Ace Fireplace Services, based in the local area, provide professional chimney sweep and fireplace maintenance services to customers of all kinds. We know that sweeping a chimney or fireplace maintenance may not be a high priority for many people, and it is tempting to do the work yourself, but as professionals we would strongly recommend against it.

This kind of cleaning can be dangerous as you leave yourself open to inhaling toxic fumes and can increase the risk of fire within your property. As professionals, we always use the right tools for the job and ensure that everything is completed to a high standard.

Our customers are always our priority and we work to the level required to match the needs of your home. We’ll always provide great value for money as we understand that your budget is always an important factor – just as important as your safety.

Our team are highly knowledgeable and well-trained with the experience to tackle any situation that arises. Friendly and professional, we’ll give you peace of mind as you know that every job will be completed to the best of our abilities and in line with all appropriate regulations.

We are a team of professional chimney sweeps in the local area, and so we are always careful to meet or exceed the requirements set by the relevant authorities. The NFPA recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year, and it is entirely for your safety. We provide reliable professional services and have been certified by the relevant authorities. There are specialist rules for chimney cleaning and standards of safety that need to be met, and you can rest assured that Ace Fireplace Services understand exactly what needs to be done.

With all our fireplace and chimney work, we’ll perform an initial assessment so that we fully understand your needs and requirements before we begin work. We’ll always work with great care while paying careful attention to detail.

Make sure that you have the chimney sweeping and fireplace maintenance work completed that will make your home a safe place to live. Contact Ace Fireplace Services today to arrange an appointment by calling (877) 507-2444 or emailing

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